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You want your company to be well-represented online. But you're busy and you don't have time to learn web design or code.

We can help. 

We listen closely and work with you to determine what you really need versus what you think you need. We'll recommend concrete solutions. Maybe something as simple as an open-source based website that you can set up and edit yourself with minimal involvement from us. Or maybe you really need in-depth custom code web applications that satisfy a specific need your company has. Whatever the answer, we value you as a client, value your time, and value your input in the process.

At our initial consultation, we'll sit down with you and advise you on next steps — whether they be with us, on your own, or (gasp) even with another provider that better fits your situation. We do a lot here at Javelin and we do it well, but we know our limits. We don't think short-term; we value our customers, and future customers they might refer. We truly put our name behind our work and sleep well at night.

So go ahead and explore our site, check out our samples and case studies, and call or e-mail us when you're ready to talk. 

We listen, we advise, we help.

About Javelin Design

Javelin Web DesignJavelin Design traces it's roots way back to 1996... a time when Microsoft held a logo design contest for their new "Internet Explorer" browser…a time when most links on the web where bright blue, and websites were basically online brochures and little else.

Javelin was founded with design at it's core. Owner and project manager Jay Valinis has a professional background in graphic design, but a passion for all things digital. A perfect marriage was formed: a company with the know-how to create professional websites while keeping aesthetics at the forefront.

For sites that actually “do” something, we specialize in back-end development. If you have a particular function you need, we’ll sit down to discuss your best options, suggest functionality you may not have thought of, create static mockups, functional wire-frame mockups and finally, well-designed, professional back-ends that serve you and your customers. Visit our Case Studies page for examples of just what we mean.

Javelin's Services


Very often clients don't know exactly what they want. No worries. We're happy to sit and listen to your checklist. Sometime we know we're the best solution, sometimes we know that an off-the-shelf product can give a client most of what they are looking for. Sometimes it's best to recommend you use a firm other than Javelin. We'll be honest.

Web Design and Development:

We create websites. Whether large or small, complex or simple, we'll work with you to help your business achieve its online goals. Over the past 15 years we've seen and done pretty much everything--simple html-based static "brochure" sites, custom-designed WordPress themes, or custom-developed web application back-ends that satisfy exactly what the client needs with no additional bloat.

Custom Web Applications:

With our skilled developers, Javelin creates custom back-end application environments for clients that need tailored solutions that "do" something more. It might be a simple customized membership form that has a variety of notification/payment options or a completely overhauled work- and time-tracking system. Javelin will listen to your needs and develop the perfect solution. We'll create a system that gives you everything you're looking for but nothing more--no excessive functions that serve no purpose, nothing extraneous that can weigh down the site's performance.

Courtroom Graphics:

It's a bit of a divergence from our normal workload, but we've found a very specific need for robust, well-designed graphics for courtroom use. So Javelin creates and produces everything in-house, from simple black and white enlargements to customized magnetic boards with markers—anything attorneys need to best illustrate their case to judge and jury.

Graphic Design:

At the core of our proficiencies is a good eye for design. A strong sense of design and color theory permeate everything we create, from a simple logo development to complementary colors and a well laid-out user interface.

Case Studies

We've worked with a lot of clients — from small mom-and-pop retailers here in Philadelphia, to large international corporations and everyone in-between. What unites them all is the desire to create a web presence or application that adds value to their business. Whether it be a simple WordPress-based site with a custom-developed theme or a custom-tailored time/materials back-end for tracking employee hours with real-time reporting, we listen to client's needs and create a solution that works.

The following case studies illustrate some of the real life solutions we've found for client's problems. Please click on a project link below to view more details of each.


Below are a few of Javelin's clients. We hope you'll join their ranks.

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